Our corporate #IAmBeingMe workshops are designed to inspire, empower and encourage individuals within your organisation to be comfortable with who they are and their differences. Our sessions are designed to bring together employees from all areas of the company, to take part in an inspiring and motivational workshop which builds self esteem, confidence & resilience.

In our workshops we use a variety of inclusive activities and inspirational speakers who share their personal stories about learning to love who they are, how they have overcome obstacles and why they feel it’s important to be open about who they are in all areas of their life, including in the workplace.

We are able to offer a diverse set of speakers who have a variety of differences & personal journeys, including BME, Disability, Mental Health, LGBT + many more inspirational individuals. We work with you to identify the best speakers for your organisation and workforce.

Through our two hour session, we know employees go away feeling they can be more open about who they are and their individual differences at work without fear of discrimination, judgment, prejudice or bullying. Our workshops build relationships and breaks down barriers between employees who might not have known that their colleagues also share similar differences or personal experience’s as themselves. This in turn creates, small support networks for employees, so they know they have people in a similar position to talk to about how they are feeling and what they are going through.

By creating an open, comfortable, welcoming and inclusive environment for employees at your organisation, it increases staff morale, productivity and creates an all-round positive working environment for all to thrive.

“It was a privilege to host the Being Me Campaign team’s first corporate events at Sony HQ. The speakers were fantastic and their ‘real life’ stories of overcoming a variety of life challenges were truly inspirational. Lessons can be drawn from these shared experiences so that employees can develop personal resilience and coping strategies and know where to go for support if required.

I have to say that after almost 30 years in HR and a variety of different sectors including Banking, Media and Electronics, this really was one of the most inspiring events that I have had the pleasure to be involved with!”
— Mark Clements, Regional Head of HR, UK & Ireland, Sony Europe.