In 2015, two individuals from very different backgrounds felt more could be done to create a world free from bullying, discrimination and prejudice. They wanted to see a world that empowered, celebrated and encouraged everyone to be proud of who they are and their differences.

The duo decided they needed to be the change they wanted to see in the world, so they decided to create an inclusive organisation that encouraged, empowered and inspired individuals of all ages to embrace and celebrate who they are. They also felt it was extremely important to challenge all forms of bullying, discrimination, prejudice and encourage individuals to respect, accept and celebrate others for who they are.

This unlikely duo, Kieran Stanbridge and Tracy Shayler, set about achieving their vision and in October 2015 the Being Me Campaign was born.



At the Being Me Campaign, we know many individuals across the UK feel isolated and alone on a daily basis because of their differences. We also know that 84% of young people and 80% of adults have or are suffering from bullying, discrimination or prejudice for simply being who they are. This is not acceptable and we are on a mission to change this.

We are innovative in our approach to addressing these social issues, as we are one of the only charities that does not focus on one specific area. As individuals, we are made up of many differences, so we believe it’s important to have conversations together. As if we focus on one or two of our specific differences, we can segregate ourselves further from others.

We are all human; we all deserve the same respect, kindness and equality. As a charity, we have an open-door policy, so people from all backgrounds and differences come together, to learn about one another, because far more unites us than divides us.

Through our diverse work as a charity, including public campaigns, workshops, online support and much more; We have fast become one of the leading and innovative charities promoting equality, acceptance and self-love.



- We want to create an open, educated and accepting world, which embraces, loves, and respects each person for the amazing individual they are.

- We want to inspire, empower and give individuals of all ages the skills they need to increase their self-esteem, self-love and confidence.

- We want everyone to know that it’s ok to be who you are; we should celebrate our differences not suppress them.

- We want to give everyone a voice and platform to share their personal journey to inspire others to embrace their differences.

- We want to create a world free from all forms of bullying, discrimination and prejudice.


MEET our team:

I spent many years feeling as if I didn’t fit in to society’s norms. Having a gay son encouraged me to be my true self and help others be proud of who they are!
— Tracy Shayler, Founder
If you’re lonely when you’re alone, you’re in bad company”. Having attempted suicide when I was 17, learning the importance of self-love was critical for my mental wellbeing.
— Daniel Callaghan, Trustee
I’m incredibly proud to have founded the charity with Tracy. Not a single person on the planet is the same, and we should celebrate who we are, not hide it!
— Kieran Stanbridge, Founder
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I believe people are empowered by being their authentic selves and respecting others for who they are. Being part of the Being Me Campaign is my way of helping others find this empowerment and work toward a better environment for all.
— Manuel Betancourt, Trustee
I’m pleased and proud to be working with Being Me Campaign. Their aim is to bring together and support those who feel different, for whatever reason, is such an easy project to support.
— Nick Latham, Volunteer